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Dimos Stathoulis (DimosXs) is a composer for media. He is a classical trained musician with a masters degree on classical guitar, compotition and computers science and with a backround on diverse styles as a guitar and other string instruments player.



He scores games and other media like films, documentaries etc. Dimos cooperates with multiple artists from instrumentalists to exceptional vocalists for his productions and uses sounds from EW (composers cloud member), Spitfire Audio, Heavyocity and other top libraries. Besides his own work, he arranges and produces other artists at various genres.


At 2016 he won the best compotition award for games by General Secretary for Media and Communication in Deth. At 2017 he won the second prize for film compotition organized by Athens Concert Hall and Animasyros.


Today Dimos lives in Greece and is a father of 2.